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Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With data analytics solutions from Redington Value, get answers to several business problems immediately, make business processes more efficient and take more informed decisions.

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Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

The concept of big data has been around for years; most organizations now understand that if they capture all the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply analytics and get significant value from it. But even in the 1950s, decades before anyone uttered the term “big data,” businesses were using basic analytics (essentially numbers in a spreadsheet that were manually examined) to uncover insights and trends.

Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions.

The new benefits that big data analytics brings to the table, however, are speed and efficiency. Whereas a few years ago a business would have gathered information, run analytics and unearthed information that could be used for future decisions, today that business can identify insights for immediate decisions. The ability to work faster – and stay agile – gives organizations a competitive edge they didn’t have before.

Reimagine Your Products

At Hitachi Solutions, we recently launched the Predictive Service Hub which relies on Microsoft Azure’s machine learning software to offer predictive insights.

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Log Analytics

Centralize log data from multiple systems in a single data store. Transform your Azure activity data and managed resources data across different subscriptions into actionable insights.

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Transform Your IT With Analytics and Machine Learning

Splunk IT Service Intelligence delivers service monitoring driven by machine learning and analytics, taking operations and service intelligence to the next level.

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Smart Analytics

Organizations are looking for technologies that help more people do sophisticated analysis. At Tableau, we’re investing in analytical capabilities that help anyone—from data scientists to business users.

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