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Transform your go to market strategy

As with any large-scale organizational change, IT transformation will impact workflow, business rules, what gets automated and perhaps most importantly -- the corporate culture. Many times, the goal of IT transformation is to change the IT department from being a reactive, inflexible organization to being a more pro-active, flexible part of the business that can respond quickly to changing business requirements. For example, this might mean changing the perception of end users from having a "problem" to having a "solution." Find out today how our team can help you solve your customers problems. 

Transform Your Business Horizon

Some of our key value adds are mentioned below. Connect with us and transform your business with Redington Value.

Financial Services

Taking care of your financial needs

The heart of any business is its cash flow. To help partners build their business Redington provides multiple methods of payments. Payments are structured using our in-house finance and credit teams which are locally present around the region. Contact us today and find out how you can transform your business with our financial services offerings.


Know what is right for you

There are thousands of technologies that are available today, however selecting which technology is going to help you with your required business outcome is a complicated and tiresome process. Redington has introduced its consulting arm which works with the channel partners in the region to understand your business challenges and deploy technologies which help and overcoming them. Contact us today and get connected to our consultants to reimagine your IT infrastructure!

Pre Sales

Quicken your sales cycle

Pre Sales is a key value add that we offer to the channel community. Building proper solutions and answering RFQs and providing a helping hand to ensure proper fulfillment of deals are fey components of our value add. Find out how you can engage with us and make your business simpler!

Post Sales

Ensure customer satisfaction

As a distributor we stand by your side even after the sale is complete. We understand that there are several complications that can arise with new technology being added to your environment and we are always ready to provide you post-sales support to stream line your implementation. Find out more and ask us for help today!

Proof of Concept

Test before you invest

An essential part of purchasing any technology is the ability to understand the business outcome of the technology. Redington understands the need for customers to deploy technology in their environment, software or hardware, in order to evaluate their options and ensure budgets are judiciously spent. Redington along with you as a partner help in providing the best in breed technologies made available for testing in your premises and IT infrastructure. Get in touch today and explore the world of possibilities.


Best of breed technologies

Redington Value carries over 50 vendors in its product portfolio. We ensure that all the needs of your customers are met under one roof. From cloud services to hybrid solutions to simple hardware, we are a one stop shop. Contact us today and build your customers IT infrastructure.

Logistics & Availability

Availability at your convenience

Logistics is at the core of what Redington does. Being in the region for over 2 decades we ensure end to end supply chain management. From Door to door delivery to taking care of special deliver needs we will ensure your goods are delivered on schedule. Learn more about our logistics services.


Reach out to your customers

Ever evolving technologies require ever evolving marketing tactics to reach out to customer. We at Redington Value endeavor to provide marketing services to our partners to help them create demand for their solutions. Whether it’s digital marketing, social media marketing or demand generation platforms we help our partners with cost effective marketing strategies and even help them with execution. Get in touch today to find out how you can reach out to new customers with Redington Value’s marketing team by your side.


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