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Redington Value's goal is to helps partners and customers transform to the new era of the smart digital world. With over 50 vendors in its portfolio Redington is a key cog in the wheels of technology adoption in every industry.


Drive business outcomes for enterprises in the Middle East and Africa by delivering and implementing the best of breed technologies from around the globe.

Workplace Culture

We want happy employees because happiness means more productivity. And when a business is more productive, that means it is working faster; and when it works faster, it can get a leg up on the competition.

We have an open working environment with lots of transparency and employee freedom, that’s why we attract talent. From the minute people walk in our office, they know that this is a different place with a unique culture.

When we put a focus on culture, we’ll have guiding principles. People will know us for this. Employees will live by it. It’ll help us get through difficult times. It’ll help all employees working on the same company mission. In some sense, it’s the glue that keeps the company together.

Leadership Team

Sayantan Dev


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Cherian John

Vice President
Oracle Business Unit

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Hishamul Hasheel

Vice President
Software Security

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Dharshana K

Senior Vice President
Convergence & Infrastructure

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Rajesh Mathrani

Operations Director

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Sunil Zarekar

General Manager - West, Central & North French Africa

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Zahid Sumar

General Manager - East Africa

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Sajiv Pillai

General Manager - Security

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Suresh Raghunathan

General Manager - Operations

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Aditya Puri

Head of Marketing

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Nivedita SJ

Manager HR - Value & Consulting

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Careers at Redington Value

We love to challenge ourselves to learn something new every day.  Teamwork, collaboration and perseverance are the key characteristics of our team. Our time and space is utilized to brainstorm and develop ideas that makes a difference. Our workforce diversity is our core strength and we attract amazing people and ampify their ability and provide encouragement to achieve their goals.

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