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Redington Value started out as a value added distributor over a decade ago.

In the last few years we have been at the forefront of bringing transformation to the way IT consumption takes place in the region. From being just value added distributors, in our new avatar we help partners not only with their enablement needs, Marketing services but also provide them access to world class consultancy services that they can deploy for their end customers. 

Value Added Distribution

As a Value added distributor we provide end to end supply chain management services to our partners and vendors. From the point of time the technology leaves the factory to your door step and even further till deployment and implementation we ensure that we deliver your business outcomes and not only boxes!

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Citrus Consulting

Citrus consulting is our Consulting and Transformation Services arm.

A team of Technologists and Problem Solvers who live agile methods every day. We apply human centered design driven by client's business goals to help inform, explore and confirm user experience decisions, solve big problems and bring ideas to market.

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Red Vault

Red Vault is the name of Redington Value’s state-of- the-art innovation centers spread across UAE, KSA, Kenya and Nigeria.

We can leverage these centers for showcasing the latest technologies to the partner and end customer communities. Connected to our specialized training centers, the Red Vault shows technology in action and bring technology closer than ever.

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Red Cloud

Our online market place can cater to all technology needs of an organisation. From cloud products to implementation services the Red Cloud portal can simplify your search for the right products and services. RedCloud can also act as a single pane solution for managing all cloud subscriptions and their invoicing.

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Marketing As A Service

  • Red Enable

    Red Enable is the brand name for Redington Value’s technology enablement program. Partners and Customers are trained on different technologies by the industry’s leading Pre-Sales experts in state-of-the-art training facilities in Middle East and Africa.

  • Red Engage

    Redington Value’s version of networking events where vendors, partners and end-customers come together to brainstorm their business challenges and collectively deliver business outcomes purpose.

  • Red Digital

    Our digital marketing engine brings to life your digital marketing requirements. From social media to newsletters to innovative website solutions we can help you create your digital strategy.

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