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Our Storage Solutions Portfolio

The advancement of state-of-the art technology like high-res scans and satellite surveys has, on one hand, enhanced exploration and production multifold, but on the other, because of the massive volume of data yield, it has created a potential capital-intensive liability when it comes to storage.

Fortunately, with highly reliable, secured and cost-effective cloud data storage solutions, this data can function as a valuable enterprise asset, available for access, analytics and collaboration to teams worldwide, irrespective of where the origin of data collection and/or the data storage center is.

Data Storage

Start small and scale without limits with data storage solutions that are fast, flexible, efficient and application-integrated.

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Cloud Storage with AWS

A reliable, scalable, and secure place for your data.

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Storage Networking

Cisco MDS 9000: storage networks with superior performance, reliability, and flexibility.

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Business-centric Storage

Fujitsu's ETERNUS storage portfolio balances storage capacity, performance and costs for the complete lifecycle of data - from production, business analytics and big data to backup and long-term archiving.

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Hitachi Data Systems Storage

Flash-forward to your storage future.

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Rock-Solid Data Storage Systems

Huawei storage products meet a wide range of needs: Entry-level, mid-range, and high-end enterprise applications; Big Data; vertical industry applications; and cloud storage applications.

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RedHat Storage

For data without bounds, you need storage without limits.

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Veritas Software-Defined Storage for High Performance Applications leverages the use of direct attached storage (DAS) architectures.

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vSphere Storage Appliance

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance is a software-based shared storage solution that enables high availability and automation in vSphere without shared storage hardware.

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