Sustainable Growth Through Transformative Technology

With the recent slump in the MENA market, most manufacturers have had to design more efficient ways of producing to ensure profitability in the present times, and scalability in the near future.

Owning to geographically dispersed nature of operations, it usually is a challenge to streamline processes and maximize returns. Innovative IT solutions, however, have completely transformed the way product lifecycles run in the region.

Our Manufacturing Solution Portfolio

The advancement of state-of-the art technology like high-res scans and satellite surveys has, on one hand, enhanced exploration and production multifold, but on the other, because of the massive volume of data yield, it has created a potential capital-intensive liability when it comes to storage.

Fortunately, with highly reliable, secured and cost-effective cloud data storage solutions, this data can function as a valuable enterprise asset, available for access, analytics and collaboration to teams worldwide, irrespective of where the origin of data collection and/or the data storage center is.

Industrial Manufacturing

Gain Agility and Insight to Meet Increased Customer Expectations.

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Dell EMC HPC System for Manufacturing

Learn about the architecture of the Dell EMC HPC System for Manufacturing, which consists of building blocks configured specifically for digital manufacturing.

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Digital Manufacturing

The factory of the future is already here.

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MONOZUKURI Total Support (PLM)

Fujitsu has over 20 years experience in the development of industry leading process solutions for manufacturing.

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Agile Manufacturing

Smart industry connections empower innovative agile manufacturing.

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Discrete Manufacturing

With the arrival of ubiquitous digital connectivity, unlimited cloud capacity, and real-time analytics, you can access new insights and build systems of intelligence like never before.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Manufacturers strive to optimize yield, performance and profit, but it can be difficult to gain operational visibility when faced with complex processes and multitudes of systems and sensors.

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Manufacturing Solutions

Edge-to-core solutions that leverage existing infrastructure and create a digital manufacturing environment to better capitalize on data at its peak value.

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Manufacturing industry modernizes IT with Red Hat

Industry 4.0, the latest development in the progression of industrial advances, promises to reshape manufacturing.

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Improve Efficiency and Accelerate Innovation

Speed time to market and drive down costs by modernizing and mobilizing manufacturing operations with VMware.

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Transforming Manufacturing

Availability is a crucial cog in maximizing efficiency and profitability for today’s manufacturers. Data Availability is vital with the manufacturing line.

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